Hair Loss Treatment Set, Regrow Hair Naturally, Organic Herbal Products

Hair Loss Treatment Set, Regrow Hair Naturally, Organic Herbal Products


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Hair Loss Treatment Set

The Best Hair Regrow System Since 1991

Regrow Your Hair Naturally, Organic Herbal Products. A solution to your hair loss problem.

Product Set Includes:

  1. Capillary Shampoo  1 Bottle – Organic Capillary Shampoo Cleansing – for all types of hair, relieves itching scalp, removes itching scalp, and helps against hair loss. 
  2. Organic Hair Regrow Lotion – CaRegrow Hair Naturally with Capillary Cleansing Shampoo and Hair Grower Lotion by Gigipillary’s combination of high quality herbs will promote healthy hair grow. Capillary is a combination of Brazilian herbs, vitamins, spices, roots and tea, that when apply in your scalp is safe; there are no side effects because no harmful ingredients are in the formula, it only contains natural ones.

Alopecia Areata Treatment. Alopecia is a type of hair loss problem where the hair falls off in round patches. When alopecia areata develops, the body attacks its own hair follicles that triggers hair loss. Capillary by Gigi has proven customers that the product really works and have helped many who have suffered from hair loss regrow their lost hair.

Capillary by Gigi comes in all Natural Ingredients. A 100% natural herbal and organic solution from the Brazilian Rain Forest.
The herbs, roots, seeds and plants that compose the Capillary system is scientifically formulated to stimulate the capillary bulbs that promote hair growth in the scalp.
The unique combination of botanicals are specific to solve the hair loss problem.

About Gigi:

Gigi is experienced in re-growing hair for men and women since 1973.  She has a hair salon in Beverly Hills, California for all types of hair and specializes in hair loss problems. She has over 30 years experience. She developed the Capillary Lotion after she lost her hair with a hair chemical.  She analyzes the hair and scalp after each application.  The lotion helps re-grow your hair with a combination of organic natural plants, herbs and roots imported from the Brazilian rain forest.

GIGI is an international hair and scalp specialist that will give you a hair and scalp analysis to start on your first visit to find out what problems your hair has.  She will coordinate with your doctor’s history. 


When Ronnie came to me, he noticed that his hair was falling off when he would take showers. He would notice his hair in the floor of the shower.
Ron was a UPS delivery person and Gigi saw that he might have a hair problem and offered Ronnie to a free hair analysis and that is how he decided to do Capillary Hair Treatment.
Within a month Ronnie noticed his hair stop falling off in the shower. In the 3rd month he started seeing his hair coming back and saw the results. In the 7th month the hair started to grow normally and finished the Capillary Treatment in one year.

Antonio Ramon

See how Antonio succeeded with Capillary

Gigi was my last resort. Capillary lotion helped my hair to stop falling off. With less stress the problem stopped. For 5 years my hair kept falling out. Dermatologists prescribed pills and treatments.

Por 5 años se le caía el cabello. Dermatólogos le recomendaban pastillas y tratamientos. Fue con Gigi como ultima opción Con la loción Capillary en poco tiempo se detuvo la caída de cabello.

Con menos estrés se detuvo el problema.

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