Yex Tableya Pure Cacao for a Healthy and Delicious Treat


Yex Tableya Pure Cacao for a Healthy and Delicious Treat



Yex Tableya is the best selling Tableya, made from Raw Cacao from Bohol, Philippines. Yex Tableya is irristible that the local customers keeps coming back to grab their packs of this very delicious and aromatic pure cacao tablets called Tableya. Yex Tableya is a family business that began during the Spanish Era in the Philippines in the 1930s. It’s the art of handcrafting this super healthy food from generations that made it unique from any other Tableyas in the market.

Yex Tableya is purely a raw ingredient made straight from cacao bean……roasted, grounded and molded into a tablet form. No sugar or any other ingredients added. It’s pure cacao and can last more than a year in your storage. Aside from its many super natural health benefits, Cacao has its natural preservative as well. Everything you get from Yex Tableya is natural and healthy.

With the recent propagation of different diseases that ruin people’s lives,  you need to start switching your lifestyle by integrating super healthy ingredients into your daily recipe.



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