FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Question & Answer portion. Well, don’t get stressed anymore because we are trying so hard to solve your problems.

Question: What is “Listing Tags Per Month?”

Answer: Thank you for that wonderful question you just asked. First of all, let me define to you the word “Tag”. A Tag is a word used to describe a person, an animal, a thing, an idea, a feeling or an activity.

  • Therefore, a “Listing Tag” is a word that describes your listing. That “tag” that describes your listing is very important because it is the keyword that connects people’s needs to your seatstubs.com listing via google search. For example, Jessie is looking for Bruno Mars Concert Tickets in Los Angeles. Jessie will then consult Mr. Google by typing Bruno Mars concert tickets. If you have those tags entered in your listing like bruno mars, concert, tickets, then this is a big help for google to crawl your tags and takes your link to the first page. But of course, the tags and keywords, the higher the possibilities.
  • Now, let me proceed to answer your main question, “What do you mean when you say:  Listing Tags Per Plan NOT Per Listing?”
  • The number of “Tags” you can use depends on the “Plan” you choose as defined below:
    • Free Sign-up – this plan allows you to add one (1) listing per year and use 2 tags per year. Since you have only 1 listing for one year to take care of, so you can use-up all your 2 tag allowances in one shot.
    • Starter Plan – this plan allows you to add three (3) listings per year and use 9 tags per year. Keep in mind that you have to properly allocate your listing tags according to the available listing you have. You must divide your tags equally to your listings. For example: for listing #1 Title: Ariana Grande Live In Los Angeles. In your description, you have to use keywords that describe Ariana Grande Concert in Los Angeles. Example: Ariana Grande, Tour Dates, Tickets. There are tons of keywords that you can use but since your plan allows you to use 9 keywords per year so you don’t want to use all your keywords for one listing. You have to save the remaining keywords for the other two listings. If you want to be generous with your keywords and get more chances to be seen by google and be seen around seatstubs.com then you need to upgrade to the more advanced plan for more visibility. It is Christmas anytime at seatstubs.com because we are randomly giving away free tags to users who visits the site everyday. Make sure to like our facebook Fan Page and Affilliate websites to catch our ramdom giveaways.

Question: What do you mean by DYI? Promoted to Social Media by means of Image Poster 4x/month as outlined in the Video Promotion Package on the Listing Plan?

Question: What is WDIFY?

I can’t find the my category on the list. There is no option for me to add category. How do I add my category?